Brick Art Restoration, LLC

 Specialized Masonry 


For over 30 Years

 Brick Art Restoration, LLC combines the highest quality skilled  craftsmanship with over 30 years of knowledge and experience in the art  of masonry restoration. Our single aim is to preserve the original  integrity of your most valued possession: your Older Denver Brick Home.

Your home is unique and has special needs. We make custom “high lime”  mortar mixes for each individual project  to accurately match the  color, texture, and strength of the original mortar found in your home.

When tuck pointing, deteriorated mortar joints are mechanically  ground out where needed to provide the best preparation for our custom  mortar mix. This process ensures an important bond between the new  repair and the original structure to create a beautiful and lasting  restoration.

Brick-Art Restoration, LLC provides historical accuracy in masonry  restoration and structural repairs for your Older Denver Brick Home.

Our Services Include:

  • Color-matched tuck pointing
  • Original brick replacement
  • Porches / chimneys / brick garages
  • Basement brick foundation walls
  • Interior decorative walls
  • Chemical brick cleaning
  • Paint and stain removal


Removing or reversing of previous bad, ugly, sloppy repair attempts.

  • Removing of wrong mortar color repairs
  • Restoring original color to otherwise permanently stained or smudged brick faces.


“David was incredibly responsive and worked quickly over New Years to  address some safety issues regarding our front stairs and railing. Man,  what a problem solver that man is! His work is beautiful.” – Lisa S.

“David, thank you for your attention to detail. I know my  tuck-pointing was a small job, but you made me feel it mattered that it  was done right.” – Kaitey S.

David Furcean

 David Furcean

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